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Dedicated to my client's needs. I make their #1 goal my #1 goal! Quality Service Award Winner, Top Producing Agent.

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Joey Condon


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Which Realtor Do You Choose?

FlowerEver wondered how to figure out which Realtor you should work with? Or, do you just work with the one that answers the phone when you call about a house you liked? Before you just work with any Realtor – interview and find the best one for the job!

Some things to consider before you hire an agent…
Your Style –
Find out how the agent likes to work. Are you a “Tech Guy” who wants the agent to be online on text all the time? Or, are you someone who wants a phone call? Or, maybe you only want to talk about things face to face. How will your agent work with you?
Office Support –
Everyone goes on vacation or takes a personal day from Read the rest of this entry »

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Credit Scores And How They Affect YOU

credit score

What is a Credit Score?

Who decides what your Credit Score is?

How does the score affect YOU with your Home Mortgage?

How do you improve your Credit Score?

Who do You ask for help with your Credit Score if you are wanting to purchase real estate in Bryan College Station?

What is a Credit Score?

Your Credit Score is a number, up to 850 that lenders, insurance companies, banks and employers use to determine your “worthiness”, willingness to pay, past stability and ability to repay a loan. Your Credit Score is one of the most important things Read the rest of this entry »

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Easterwood Airport and Cub Scout Troop 802

Local Cub Scout Troop 802 had a wonderful experience this past Saturday at Easterwood’s own Fire Station!  I am the proud father of one of the scouts, Hunter Condon, and we had a blast at the Fire Station for Easterwood Airport.  The event started with a tour of the trucks and equipment firefighters use when fighting fires and ended with a display of the firefighting capabilities of one of their trucks.


Thanks to the College Station, Easterwood Fire Station for their service and for making scouting fun!

Business card

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What to Expect in Bryan College Station Over the Next 5 Years?

growingsmallThere are many opinions about what we should expect to happen over the next 5 years in Bryan College Station regarding real estate, development, investment properties as well as overall general growth. They may not all agree on the details but they all seem to agree that growth is coming and so are the people!

In addition to an increase in our RGP (real gross product – output in dollars) the population is expected to increase by almost 20,000 Read the rest of this entry »

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Where Are the Home Buyers for Bryan College Station?

Where are the buyers of homes in Bryan College Station? What happened to our steady ever growing real estate market? It looks like we have a few things combining together to make our market feel ‘really bad’ right now.

We have:

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Fannie Mae Foreclosure Education for College Station Foreclosure Specialist

Fannie MaeAs a Broker for Fannie Mae foreclosure sales in Bryan and College Station, I attended a conference today with the Fannie Mae Representatives. Below is a short summary of Session 1 giving a little information about which institutions have the majority of foreclosures throughout the country and what options consumers with Fannie Mae loans have.

Fannie Mae has about 23% of the foreclosures in the country. (I expected them to have more with all the publicity they receive.)

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Who Is This?


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College Station Realtors Learn to Hula

Yes, after a long day of seminars and business planning, the Realtors of Century 21 Beal and preferred vendors (Connection Partners) had a little fun and games. Below is just one of the many videos showing how much fun we had after a day of learning.
Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate
Century 21 Beal, Inc.

College Station Realtors Should Not All Hula!

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So You Want a Foreclosure in Bryan College Station…

3705-Creston-facade-1So you decide you are ready to purchase a home and you think you want a foreclosure in Bryan or College Station.  We are marketing several foreclosures in all price ranges and I’d like your opinion on the best way to showcasethe property for sale.

Yes, I know – this one is really nice and is easy to provide pictures and virtual tours so I started here.

Which Virtual Tour do you like best?

  1. Professional Tour of 3705 Creston – Bryan Foreclosure using still shots – Click Here!
  2. Tour by Real Estate Professional not a Photographer  – my Youtube video Click Here!
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Halloween in Pebble Creek After Dark

Halloween in Pebble Creek in South College Station is active before dark and after!


Pebble Creek is an active golf course neighborhood in south College Station. Most homeowners decorate for Christmas but wow some people go Read the rest of this entry »

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