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College Station smartest city in Texas!

As an Aggie Realtor who works with clients all over the US, I constantly hear Aggie jokes, but who is laughing now?  We always talk about how we live in a bubble here in College Station, but did you know that bubble was filled with the smartest people in Texas?

The City of College Station is ranked by The Business Journals as the brainiest city in Texas among those with populations between 50,000 and 100,000. Some 28 percent of College Station residents hold a bachelor’s degree and another 28.23 percent have a graduate or professional degree. A lot of this has to do with Texas A&M faculty as well as so many Aggies staying here after graduation!

The Business Journals ranked 483 mid-sized U.S. cities using 2009 U.S. Census Data. The rankings were based on the percentage of population with each level of educational attainment.  Not only were we #1 in Texas, but College Station ranked No. 31 nationally.

So, next time someone makes an Aggie joke, make sure and let them know that they are actually making fun of the smartest city in all of Texas!




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Aggieland let’s help keep our neighbors warm this winter!

The saying that Bryan/College Station is in a bubble is pretty true to an extent.  While the rest of the country has high unemployment rates, lower retail sales, and a housing crunch, Bryan/College Station is an area that trends better than a majority of the country!  I have sold more homes this year than I did last year, so I know that we aren’t hurting too bad in B/CS!

Unfortunately a lot of times we don’t realize that there are those in our community who don’t know where their next warm meal will come from, where they will sleep, or if their children will be warm enough this winter!  We don’t see it a lot, but it does exist more than you could even imagine!

This year, my kids and I decided that we would like to help those who are less fortunate than the majority of us in Bryan/College Station. We have started a coat/blanket drive in Castlegate with the donations going to the Twin City Mission!  What started as a small project has taken flight.  My daughter and I printed out about 100 fliers and asked a few of her friends to help us pass them out in our subdivision!  The kids have all gotten so into it that it has amazed me!  They just light up when people ask about how to donate!  Now it is on the Castlegate website and on Facebook!

It’s very simple if you want to get involved!  We are taking donations at 2445 Newark Circle today from 4-6 and tomorrow 9-11 am!  All you have to do is drive up to the curb and we’ll grab them from you.  If that time isn’t convenient, you can call me at 979-229-0919 and we can pick them up.  You can also drop them by the Century 21, Beal offices located at 404 H University Drive East at your leisure.

The kids are waiting to take your Coats and Blankets to give to the less fortunate!

We have a lot to be thankful for Aggieland, so let’s get out there and make this winter a little warmer for our Brazos Valley Neighbors!

For more information, give Farrah Spears a call at 979-229-0919

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Saving Energy with Nansulate

I found a great Home Improvement Idea that won’t break the bank!!

Your first question when you read the title is probably; “What is Nansulate® ?”  Here is the simple definition from the manufacturer….”Nansulate® Crystal is a patented, one-of-a-kind, clear thermal insulation coating for concrete or clay tile roofs, slate roofs and asphalt or wood shingle sloped roofs that lowers your energy bill and keeps your roof looking beautiful and new.”

I ran across this website while looking for a roofing product to seal roofs that have a small hole or something simple.  This is what I found.  At approx. $85/gal, the initial cost is a little hard to swallow, but the end benefit is reported to be great!


Zoom in on the shingle….can you see the difference?  It seals all the granules and makes the roof able to withstand high winds and hard rain.

The manufacture states that the average energy savings after 3 years is 46%.  Click here for the case study.


We are in Central Texas, Brazos Valley, College Station/Bryan.  What affect would it have here?  I found a case study in Dallas!!!!

Look at the Attic Temps!!!

It is a totally Green product that falls in line with Aggie values and what everyone should be thinking about when looking to the future!!

This would be a great opportunity for home owners to make their house more energy efficient and if you have your house listed, it would definitely be more appealing to buyers. I know my buyers would be definitely move faster on a house that is more energy efficient.

If you have any questions about this or any questions on the market here in Aggieland, feel free to contact me!


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Castlegate II opening in South College Station

When I am out there showing properties in Bryan/College Station, I hear tons of rumors and ideas about growth in our community.  Lately there have been many rumors about what is going on towards the back of Castlegate in south College Station.  Since I sell a lot of homes in south College Station as well as living there myself, I wanted to get the real scoop so I could be knowledgeable when my clients ask me about what is going on in  Castlegate.  I went straight to the horses’ mouths, and interviewed Wallace and Dusty Phillips of Castlegate Communities to find out more about the new development!



For more information about Castlegate and any home in Bryan/College Station, give me, Farrah Spears, a call at 979-229-0919.

Farrah Spears


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Aggieland Boot Campaign Has Begun

It is here, Aggieland!  The Boot Campaign Starts today! I do it with my boots on, and you should too!  Starting today, stop by the Century 21, Beal office located at 404 H University Drive East, show your student ID and pick up your free “I do it with my boots on” maroon t-shirt to be worn at the game Saturday, November 19th!  What better way to support our troops past and present, than to wear your maroon “I do it with my boots on” t-shirt to the game!  Hope to see you there!

For all your real estate needs, Call Farrah B Spears at 979-229-0919


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Record Mortgage Rate….WOW!!!

Do you want to miss out on a great opportunity to actually save money?  Mortgage Interest Rates are at a record low and refinancing your home could save you millions of pennies!!  Now is a GREAT time to buy a new home also!!  Buying Real Estate is the largest most expensive investment most people have in their lifetime.  Why are some buyers and borrowers on the fence?  The main reason is that buyers and borrowers don’t think they qualify.   Do you know if you qualify for a mortgage or for re-financing?  Here at Century 21 Beal, Inc. in College Station, Tx., also know as Aggieland, we have an in-house lender that is ready and willing to help any and all buyers and borrowers looking to re-finance!  Century 21 Mortgage has provided Bryan/College Station with a wonderful representative, Gwen Fay, to provide top notch service to all who apply for financing!  Don’t be left in the dark not knowing if you qualify for that new home or if you qualify for saving hundreds of $$$ every month from refinancing your current home.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to save money from refinancing or  by having the ability to get a higher priced house that fits within your budget from the lower interest rate!  We are ready for your calls and if you are in the area, just stop by Century 21 Beal, Inc. the #1 Real Estate company in Bryan and College Station at 404 University Dr. East in College Station, Tx. across from The Fox and Hound Sports Bar.  My name is Joey Condon and I am ready to help you find a new home, sell your existing home, or help your friends and family with any of their real estate needs.  Call me!  979-218-4091


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Century 21 Beal, Inc. Easter Egg Hunt Preperation!!


Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

This is how my family is preparing for the Annual Century 21 Beal, Inc. Easter Egg Hunt.  The hunt is held at the College Station City Park and we have a blast every year.  Being one of the agents working at Century 21 Beal, Inc., my first year I was volunteered to be the Easter Bunny!!  Every year a new agent seems to be volunteered, I really don’t know how they pick the participants!!

If you are interested in moving to the Brazos Valley into the Bryan/College Station area, also know as “Aggieland”, give me a call!

Rock Solid Real Estate!
Joey Condon, REALTOR ®
The Gold Standard!

Century 21 Beal, Inc.
(979) 218 — 4091 Cell

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Bryan, College Station – Property Virtual Tours

Please click the specific link below to view the property!

2431 Pintail, College Station, Tx.

Great location on bus route!

Great location on bus route!

E-Properties Website

Virtual Tour

2816 Horseback, College Station, Tx.

Lots of upgrades!

Lots of upgrades!



Virtual Tour

4505 Carter Creek, Bryan, Tx.

Great condo location!

Great condo location!

YouTube Video


Virtual Tour


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The Hilton, Home Depot, Santa’s Wonderland, and Bryan/College Station 2nd graders decorate trees for the less fortunate!


I have said numerous times that I love living and selling homes in Bryan/College Station! We have such as giving community and that was evident Monday when the Hilton, Home Depot, Santa’s Wonderland, and 2nd graders from Bryan/College Station decorated trees donated from Home Depot to give Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Principal at Forest Ridge goes the extra mile and kisses a pig!


We are so lucky to live in a town like College Station where the educators and principals go the extra mile to pump up the student body.

Every year, the PTO at Forest Ridge Elementary in College Station puts on the annual Fall Festival fundraiser. The fesitval is full of games, activities, food, and amazing live and silent auction items. This year, the theme of the festival was “Truckin’ to the County Fair”. The Country fair theme created some buzz with old fashion activities such as a pie contest, pig races, and a kiss a pig contest between Principal, Terresa Katt, and Assistant Principal, Jason Hawkins. For weeks, the students filled the jars with money to see which principal would have to kiss Herman the pig!

Little did the children know what they were in for when they voted Mrs. Katt as the champion and the one to kiss Herman! Terresa was an amazing sport and really excited the kids after their fall sing along when she laid one on Herman. By the way, she doesn’t normally dress that way…the theme of the sing along was Rock N Roll over the years 50’s-80’s, and she was obviously dressed 80’s!

Education is so important, and nothing makes children get more pumped up about learning, than teachers and Principals who go above and beyond their duties to make learning fun! Mrs. Katt is one in a million when it comes to putting her students first. Whether it is judging the pie contest, dressing up like an 80’s gal, reading at Barnes and Noble, or kissing a PIG, she’s up for the challenge. College Station ISD and Forest Ridge Elementary are very lucky to have such a dedicated Principal!

For all community and real estate information in and around the Bryan/College Station area, give Farrah a call at 979-229-0919

Farrah B Spears


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