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Preparing YOUR Home for Sale in Bryan College Station, Texas

Summer fever has hit Bryan College Station!  Families are preparing lists of what needs to be done for vacations and summer school, and moving season is upon us. The sunny, warm weather that Texas has to offer brings in buyers from all over and the sun that shines through home windows provides an extra homey feel that winter lacks. If you are interested in selling your home in the next couple of months, there are a variety of things that you can do to make your home even more appealing to buyers.

Buyers are eager to find a house that fits their budget and requirements over the summer, due to the holiday break that it provides and children being between school years. Often, all that a potential buyer needs is a small push to go ahead and make the purchase.

Sprucing up your home by doing a bit of summer cleaning will make it irresistible to your potential buyer. A few quick tips will take off the grime that tends to coat the majority of houses as a result of their daily use. Taking a couple of extra minutes to go beyond traditional cleaning and make your home smell pleasant will add a distinctive attraction.
Even if cleaning and organization is not your strong point, it is not difficult to follow a few easy steps to set your home in order. One thing that you can do is create your own customized checklist. Walk through each room of your house with a notepad and write down any grimy areas of the room you are in or anything that needs fixing.

Here are several ideas that could be included Read the rest of this entry »

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Saving Energy with Nansulate

I found a great Home Improvement Idea that won’t break the bank!!

Your first question when you read the title is probably; “What is Nansulate® ?”  Here is the simple definition from the manufacturer….”Nansulate® Crystal is a patented, one-of-a-kind, clear thermal insulation coating for concrete or clay tile roofs, slate roofs and asphalt or wood shingle sloped roofs that lowers your energy bill and keeps your roof looking beautiful and new.”

I ran across this website while looking for a roofing product to seal roofs that have a small hole or something simple.  This is what I found.  At approx. $85/gal, the initial cost is a little hard to swallow, but the end benefit is reported to be great!


Zoom in on the shingle….can you see the difference?  It seals all the granules and makes the roof able to withstand high winds and hard rain.

The manufacture states that the average energy savings after 3 years is 46%.  Click here for the case study.


We are in Central Texas, Brazos Valley, College Station/Bryan.  What affect would it have here?  I found a case study in Dallas!!!!

Look at the Attic Temps!!!

It is a totally Green product that falls in line with Aggie values and what everyone should be thinking about when looking to the future!!

This would be a great opportunity for home owners to make their house more energy efficient and if you have your house listed, it would definitely be more appealing to buyers. I know my buyers would be definitely move faster on a house that is more energy efficient.

If you have any questions about this or any questions on the market here in Aggieland, feel free to contact me!


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Castlegate II opening in South College Station

When I am out there showing properties in Bryan/College Station, I hear tons of rumors and ideas about growth in our community.  Lately there have been many rumors about what is going on towards the back of Castlegate in south College Station.  Since I sell a lot of homes in south College Station as well as living there myself, I wanted to get the real scoop so I could be knowledgeable when my clients ask me about what is going on in  Castlegate.  I went straight to the horses’ mouths, and interviewed Wallace and Dusty Phillips of Castlegate Communities to find out more about the new development!



For more information about Castlegate and any home in Bryan/College Station, give me, Farrah Spears, a call at 979-229-0919.

Farrah Spears


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New Home Inspection Technology in Bryan/College Station

Today I learned something new concerning home inspections.  Clifton Cobbs of Sun Star Real Estate Inspections trained myself and some other Century 21, Beal agents about a new technology for home inspections using infared devices.  These infared inspections can detect areas where air is penetrating a home or leaking out of a home as well as water detection in walls, ceilings, or floors.  Watch the video to learn more and see a demonstration, or for more information on infared inspections, call Clifton at 832-594-0281


For this and all real estate tips, call me, Farrah Spears at 979-229-0919

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What ALL Do You Need to Know When Buying in College Station?

Air Conditioner RepairBuying a home in College Station for the first time at times can be intimidating.  With financing, which house, which location, how many bedrooms you need….it can seem like it will never end.  Then…

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Bryan/College Station Homeowner’s Insurance Tips

The Insurance Information Institute warns against cutting your homeowner’s insurance during hard economic times.  Being under-insured can cost you more in the event you have to make a claim.  

Be wary of the following:Always have insurance!

  1. Insuring a home for its real estate value rather than the cost of rebuilding.
  2. Selecting an insurance compnay by price alone.
  3. Dropping flood insurance if in an area wher it is not required by the lender, but ther is a chance of flooding.
  4. For renters, neglecting to purchase renter’s insurance.

In most situations, Homeowner’s Insurance is not an option, it’s mandatory.  Most lenders require insurance to be provided by the owner, and if the owner fails to provide what the lender wants, they can provide coverage but at a premium price for the owner.  Please avoid that at all cost, insurance is expensive enough.

What you can do to lower your insurance premium.

Homeowners in Bryan and College Station take a moment, analyse your insurance needs and make the changes where needed.A standard policy covers the structure of the house, your personal belongings (with certain limitations), liability to others, and living expenses in the event your house is unlivable.  Please contact your insurance agent and ask questions about what they offer, what discounts are out there that you may be able to take advantage of, and shop around!!!  Bryan and College Station have a wealth of great insurance agents ready and willing to provide you with any and all the information you need to make an educated decision.   Don’t take a chance on being under-insured or without insurance, the consequenses are enormous. 

I am here to help every homeowner with all their real estate needs.  Call me, I can help!!

Joey Condon, Realtor


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Granite Counter Tops Worth it in College Station?

Have you ever wondered if your College Station home would look better with granite counter tops? Do you know how they would wear? How much would it cost?College Station Granite Kitchen

Of all the surfaces inside of the house, counter tops usually have to endure all the wear and tear. Anything you don’t want laying around on the floor usually ends up on counter tops, and accidents like to happen when given enough time. Even worse, scratches and gouges can be eye magnets, but even so, remodeling can be difficult to think about sometimes.

Home owners are sometimes daunted with the issue of remodeling: it can be painstaking to decide upon and it’s usually tough work. Beyond that, there is no formula to figuring out if the cost exceeds the benefit when part of the benefit is happiness

Research is very important, and there are a fair number of options with types of counter tops and manufacturers. After any amount of research, it’s clear that many consumer reports and magazines praise Read the rest of this entry »

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First Impressions count when selling a house in Bryan/College Station!

Everyone knows that “first impressions count” when meeting new people, when interviewing for a job, really for doing just about anything!!  Selling your house also falls into that cliche.  The market has spawned a buyer that has the opportunity to be very picky and they are unforgiving!  To be able to stand out from all the rest, sellers are being forced to pay closer attention to detail and make sure their I’s are dotted and their T’s are crossed. 

What should sellers do to give that first impression that will hold buyer’s attention long enough for them to see the true value of their home?

When selling your home in Bryan/College Station, Tx. make sure you pay close attention to details.  Even the smallest oversight can turn that buyer around and lead them out the door to another house.  Hire a professional, like the agents at Century 21 Beal, Inc. to provide you with the advice to maximize your chances of selling your home.   The Bryan real estate market and the College Station real estate market has changed with most other markets, and sellers need to reevaluate their strategy for selling.  The first time home buyer is very frugal and wants a good deal when purchasing real estate. You can’t blame him – I am looking for a good deal too!

Joey Condon – Rock Solid Real Estate

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Electric Lawn Mowers – Green but Grievous

Green Lawn Mower

Green Lawn Mower

BRYAN, TX — The Texas Municipal Power Agency encourages homeowners to use electric lawn mowers rather than gas to promote cleaner air.  They are offering vouchers worth $150 toward the purchase of an electric-powered machine, corded or cordless.

You’re thinking, I gotta push this reel mower or work my way around power cords?  That’s a big sacrifice for clean air.  Well, Black and Decker does have a handy 24V battery mower but it will only cut up to 1/3 of an acre at a time.  Then there’s a solar powered cordless from Solaris – that sounds neat.

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Do College Station and Bryan need Protecting?

canyon-gallery_r2_c2.jpgCollege Station and Bryan homes may need protecting. 

I was up early one morning and decided to watch TV.  I found a home improvement show called Michael Holligan and saw an interesting video (CLICK THE PICTURE FOR VIDEO).   The video talks about a newer roofing system that consists of 4 foot shingles made of steel and an asphalt covering is placed over it.  It is said to be able to withstand up to 125mph winds with 2 inch hail and not be damaged.  We don’t have much of that here in College Station or Bryan, but it would be great to fortify Read the rest of this entry »

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