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Local Dojo holds Retreat 2013 – Montoya’s Shorin Kempo Karate



Raymond Montoya's 2013 Retreat

February 8-10, 2013

Hanshi Raymond L. Montoya was an active police officer in Bryan, Texas, for 27 years.  He was involved in training and recruiting and was a Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT) instructor.  Currently, he holds the following martial arts ranks:

Hanshi Raymond L. Montoya
9th dan:  American Shorin Kempo Karate
under Hanshi Terry L. Bryan, 9th dan

6th dan:  Shaolin Kempo/Mu Ying Tao
under Dr. Harold Mayle, 10th degree
(through Terry L. Bryan)

3rd dan: U.S. Kempo Kobujitsu
under Hanshi Dan B. Kennedy, 9th dan 16

2nd degree:  (Lakan Dalawa) Modern Arnis
under the late Prof. Remy A. Presas, 10th degree


Hanshi Montoya Recognized by Masters


Why did I choose Montoya?

I was at an impasse trying to find an activity my son, Hunter, would enjoy.  I tried the usual sports and scouts with no sign on light in his eye.  He came home one day from school with a flyer and was very excited about taking a Karate class.  As I do with just about everything my kids want to do, I researched.  I called a few schools and found that they offered classes similar to each other and I wasn’t impressed.  I even ended up in an argument with a Black Belt from one of the schools.  I asked a friend and he recommended that I go to this seemingly unknown building in Bryan behind the Municipal Golf Course.  It actually only said Karate on the building.  As many passers by do, I judged the book by the cover, but we went in because I had to, he saw the sign!!

The welcome we received was far above what I expected.  We were exposed to a class that was well disciplined and motivated.  Instructors with belt levels of all different ages training others.  I felt at home and very comfortable.  My son was bouncing off the walls with excitement!

Time has gone by since that day and nothing has changed!  Hunter is promoting up and we both attended this past weekend’s Retreat, I saw so much respect for Hanshi Montoya’s abilities and not to mention rank!!  As of Monday, I am now one of his students!

If you are looking for a place to take your kids or want to learn REAL Martial Arts, I recommend coming by and taking a look.  The price is the lowest in town, not due to lack of training, Hanshi Montoya teaches from the HEART not pocket book!

Buying a home in Bryan or College Station, it is great to have a place to relieve stress, have a place for your kids to go and learn something they can use for the rest of their lives.  Aggieland is blessed to have such a place like Montoya’s.






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College Station Plaza Hotel – Demolition today!

[youtube width=”425″ height=”344″][/youtube]


College Station Plaza Hotel coming down!!

Joe Ferreri’s Ramada Inn built in 1960 ended as the Plaza Hotel today! Many years of financial troubles and dilapidated buildings adjacent to the Hotel, contributed to the eventual demolition of the hotel.  Many Aggies have walked the halls in the last 50+ years.  Weddings, ring dunk parties, and many other gatherings walked the halls and corridors of the once 17 story addition to the College Station skyline.  Being from the nearby city of Caldwell, I grew up passing by the hotel to go to Piggly Wiggly and Taco Bell on Texas Ave.  I always knew we were close to Taco Bell when I could see the bottom half of the hotel from the back seat on FM 60 coming from Snook.

I can’t wait to see construction start on the new (rumor) student housing, shopping/eating center and night clubs.  The College Station local economy will see a boost once the new structures are in place and open for business, so Aggies get ready!

My daughter, Hailey, was the videographer and I can’t find a better video online anywhere!!  She did a great job!

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Renting around Texas A&M!

Rental Community and BVPM

The rental community in the Bryan/College Station area is massive.  Between investors, agents, agent-owners, apartment complexes, student communities, and the free locator services; it is hard to figure out the best place to live.  Being a Realtor, I am very familiar with a number of “Locator” companies in the area.  Some I have used in the past are still in business and some are not.  I have to give my compliments to Century 21 Brazos Valley Property Management (BVPM).

As an Agent

As an agent, they offer better pay than other companies with less hassle getting keys.  Calling tenants of occupied properties to schedule appointments for my clients is very easy and I am not escorted by one of the office staff.  That alone, gives me the feeling that I am appreciated and trusted as a professional.  I have never had to worry about being paid because their staff is on the ball!!  I have always received my pay, even if I forgot I was owed a commission.  The check is always sent to me!  It is great to have a check from a property I pre-leased in May for an August move-in, arrive in my box in September.  Great for school clothes for the kids!!


Texas A&M students, my clients, are promptly taken care of if they have a maintenance issue with the 24hr hotline, and can pay their rent online even if they are splitting it between 4 tenants.  People looking for a house visiting BVPM, are met with a professional staff and prompt agents that know their market.

Property Owners who use BVPM

Property owners have access to all their investment information through a portal on the internet they can access from anywhere on the planet.  BVPM staff uploads all invoices, rents, debits, credits, everything associated with their property or properties into the database so owners know how their property is working for them!!  That is one great benefit!


Brazos Valley Propery Management


Call me, Joey Condon, for any of your Real Estate needs!

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Saving Energy with Nansulate

I found a great Home Improvement Idea that won’t break the bank!!

Your first question when you read the title is probably; “What is Nansulate® ?”  Here is the simple definition from the manufacturer….”Nansulate® Crystal is a patented, one-of-a-kind, clear thermal insulation coating for concrete or clay tile roofs, slate roofs and asphalt or wood shingle sloped roofs that lowers your energy bill and keeps your roof looking beautiful and new.”

I ran across this website while looking for a roofing product to seal roofs that have a small hole or something simple.  This is what I found.  At approx. $85/gal, the initial cost is a little hard to swallow, but the end benefit is reported to be great!


Zoom in on the shingle….can you see the difference?  It seals all the granules and makes the roof able to withstand high winds and hard rain.

The manufacture states that the average energy savings after 3 years is 46%.  Click here for the case study.


We are in Central Texas, Brazos Valley, College Station/Bryan.  What affect would it have here?  I found a case study in Dallas!!!!

Look at the Attic Temps!!!

It is a totally Green product that falls in line with Aggie values and what everyone should be thinking about when looking to the future!!

This would be a great opportunity for home owners to make their house more energy efficient and if you have your house listed, it would definitely be more appealing to buyers. I know my buyers would be definitely move faster on a house that is more energy efficient.

If you have any questions about this or any questions on the market here in Aggieland, feel free to contact me!


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Aggie Band honoring 9/11/11!!!

Click here for Houston Texans host the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band Performance!

The Southeastern Conference Presidents and Chancellors, acting unanimously, announced today that Texas A&M University will join the Southeastern Conference effective July 1, 2012.  SEC is in for a treat during half time when the Aggie Band displays perfection on the field!!

College Station is home for the Texas Aggie Band and has been for over 117 years from it’s beginnings in 1894 with 13 members.  It boasts more than 400 today.  The military perfection is a result of mind bending hours of practice and hard core instructions from the Corps of Cadets, which all are members.  It is an “All volunteer” organization with no school credit awarded or any additional compensation except the opportunity to perform in front of sometimes 80,000+ fans.  Here is a link to the Battalion that will help understand why students join.  The Battalion.

“The band is nationally known for its stirring renditions of patriotic tunes and precision military marching style. Among its most popular numbers are “The Aggie War Hymn,” the school’s fight song; “The Spirit of Aggieland,” its alma mater; “Noble Men o f Kyle,” the group’s signature march; “The Ballad of the Green Berets;” and “Stars and Stripes Forever.”” —quote from the Aggie Band Fact Sheet.

My kids were amazed at the precision of their marching and it took me back to all the parades and events I marched in while serving as a Soldier for 8 yrs.  My feet will never forget!!

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Aggie land getting wet!!!



Can you believe it?!?!?!?

Yes it is real!  The Brazos valley is getting wet.  Driving around Bryan/College Station, I see lots of cracks appearing around houses, vegetation and landscaping struggling to survive, and livestock searching and searching for relief from the record highs and lack of water.  It’s a good feeling to see the shy light up, hear thunder rumble in the distance and feel the cold drizzle of precipitation on my face and then realizing, “Crap my phone is getting wet….run!!”

The sounds of rain sends my 8 and 10 yr old kids into a hyped up excitement I am sure will result in grumpy wake ups in the morning…but I think it is worth it!

Hopefully home owners with houses For Sale in Bryan and College Station will see landscaping perk up and maybe buyers will feel the desire to get out once the weather cools off.  I hope we all are preparing to capture all the runoff from our roofs and store it if possible.  Unfortunately, the rain gutters on my house run into the ground and I can’t find where they come out, if they even do!!

For any other tips or interests in Real Estate, buying or selling, call Joey Condon with Century 21 Beal, Inc. 

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Easterwood Airport and Cub Scout Troop 802

Local Cub Scout Troop 802 had a wonderful experience this past Saturday at Easterwood’s own Fire Station!  I am the proud father of one of the scouts, Hunter Condon, and we had a blast at the Fire Station for Easterwood Airport.  The event started with a tour of the trucks and equipment firefighters use when fighting fires and ended with a display of the firefighting capabilities of one of their trucks.


Thanks to the College Station, Easterwood Fire Station for their service and for making scouting fun!

Business card

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Vote!!! Brazos Valley!!! Vote!!!

Don’t forget to register to vote!!

Today is the deadline to register to vote.  Voting is the most patriotic duty and freedom we have so go out and take advantage of it.  This year the candidates are so diverse that we need every voice to be heard, so remember that you have to register to vote before your voice can be heard.  If you don’t know where or when to register or to vote click here: VOTE TEXAS.

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Aggieland Fountains in Bryan and College Station

The Brazos Valley is begining to bring more and more water features into the communities.  College Station and Bryan both have a number of fountains that bring a great deal of beauty to our community.  Some Aggieland fountains are part of subdivisions and are installed at the entry into the subdivision and also in among the houses to add eye-catching details that potential buyers useto make the decision to purchase and for the residents to enjoy while living in the community.   Some fountains are actually built to control water drainage in a subdivision where the land is flat or if a creek happens to be part of the geography. Read the rest of this entry »

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