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Wind Turbine Blades passing through the Brazos Valley

Have you seen the size of those blades?

Traveling through Robertson County I saw a site I think you would enjoy seeing!!  Wind Turbine Blades parked on the rail road tracks just north of Hearne.  If you have never seen one of these in person here is a picture that may give you an idea of the immense size of these wondrous machines.

Turbine Blades

Holy Moly!

Living in the Brazos Valley in College Station, I never get to see these gigantic machines, but if you live in West Texas, it is just a part of the horizon.  I found this video, take a look!

Texas A&M University and Wind Power

Did you know that our home town university has a large influence on green energy?  West Texas A&M University, part of the Texas A&M University Systems in College Station, is located in the city of Canyon in west Texas.  It is the first University in Texas to start wind energy research.  The research began in 1970 and led to the formation of the AEI (Alternative Energy Institute) in 1977.


Wind Farms:

West Texas is one of the best sites on the planet for wind farms.  It is the largest supplier in the US followed by Iowa.  6.9% of the electricity in Texas during 2011 was generated by the use of wind turbines.  There are 5 large wind farms in Texas that combined produce over 2900MegaWatts of electricity.  That is enough energy to power more than 920,000 average Texas homes.

Transporting huge turbine blades on the rail!








Wind Power Benefits (

  1. It Provides Sustainable Income: Local Farmers receive substantial Royalty Income for hosting wind turbines on their property
  2. It Contributes to Local Taxes: Municipality receives both Municipal and School taxes from the Wind Project
  3. It Creates Jobs: Permanent full-time jobs are created in the community from the wind project
  4. It Provides Opportunities: Jobs are created and money is spent locally to procure material and services during construction
  5. It Boosts Local Economy: Annual local expenditure is undertaken during operation and maintenance
  6. It Improves Infrastructure: Local Infrastructure like Roads, Power, Transportation etc. is upgraded and improved
  7.  It is Clean Power: Wind Power displaces the need to ramp up coal, oil and gas powered generation thus improving air quality and reducing green house gases
  8. It is Affordable: It saves money for ratepayers by offsetting oil, gas fired generation and expensive power imports.
  9. It Spurs Economic Growth: Created jobs regionally and nationaly in steel, composite, manufacturing, and power devices
  10. It Encourages Tourism: Encourages eco-tourism and promotes local hospitality enterprises like bed and breakfast, tours etc.
  11. It is Abundant & Reliable: Diversifies regional power sources, local economy, and enhances sustainability.
  12. It Contributes to Community Funding: It Contributes and Sponsors Local Community Initiatives
  13. It is Compatible with Agriculture: Wind Power has a smaller footprints, can be build in modular increments, can be easily decommissioned, and provides the best guarantee of preserving natural rural landscape
  14. It Works: Currently Denmark gets 21% of its power from wind, Ontario is planning to achieve a 10% target of its power from wind.
  15. It is Popular: Majority of surveys undertaken to date show almost 84% support for wind power. Wind is growing annually 30-35% around the World
  16. It Reduces Power Losses: Distributed generation like wind projects near point of consumption help reduce transmission losses. As found in a study done for Hydro One networks by Navigant Consulting in June 2005, and title “Avoided Cost Analysis for the Evaluation of CDM Measures”

[youtube width=”425″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Electricity is a great way to go green and save money.   Here are some tips that will help you save money by using less electricity.



PS – Joey Condon is a Bryan College Station,Texas Real Estate Professional.  If you need help with buying or selling, just give me a call – 979-218-4091


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College Station Plaza Hotel – Demolition today!

[youtube width=”425″ height=”344″][/youtube]


College Station Plaza Hotel coming down!!

Joe Ferreri’s Ramada Inn built in 1960 ended as the Plaza Hotel today! Many years of financial troubles and dilapidated buildings adjacent to the Hotel, contributed to the eventual demolition of the hotel.  Many Aggies have walked the halls in the last 50+ years.  Weddings, ring dunk parties, and many other gatherings walked the halls and corridors of the once 17 story addition to the College Station skyline.  Being from the nearby city of Caldwell, I grew up passing by the hotel to go to Piggly Wiggly and Taco Bell on Texas Ave.  I always knew we were close to Taco Bell when I could see the bottom half of the hotel from the back seat on FM 60 coming from Snook.

I can’t wait to see construction start on the new (rumor) student housing, shopping/eating center and night clubs.  The College Station local economy will see a boost once the new structures are in place and open for business, so Aggies get ready!

My daughter, Hailey, was the videographer and I can’t find a better video online anywhere!!  She did a great job!

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The Best Townhomes in College Station TX is proud to announce a new partnership with Aggieland Properties and The Barracks Townhomes

This partnership has produced the absolute best portfolio of Class A Student rental housing in Aggieland (College Station TX) AND some of the Best Real Estate investment opportunities on the planet!

Aggies, Check out

Investors, Check out some of these cash flow scenarios:

Call us anytime on our new hotline at 888-567-5757 or Text us at 313-Gig-Em-Ag

Thanks & Gig-Em’

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Saving Energy with Nansulate

I found a great Home Improvement Idea that won’t break the bank!!

Your first question when you read the title is probably; “What is Nansulate® ?”  Here is the simple definition from the manufacturer….”Nansulate® Crystal is a patented, one-of-a-kind, clear thermal insulation coating for concrete or clay tile roofs, slate roofs and asphalt or wood shingle sloped roofs that lowers your energy bill and keeps your roof looking beautiful and new.”

I ran across this website while looking for a roofing product to seal roofs that have a small hole or something simple.  This is what I found.  At approx. $85/gal, the initial cost is a little hard to swallow, but the end benefit is reported to be great!


Zoom in on the shingle….can you see the difference?  It seals all the granules and makes the roof able to withstand high winds and hard rain.

The manufacture states that the average energy savings after 3 years is 46%.  Click here for the case study.


We are in Central Texas, Brazos Valley, College Station/Bryan.  What affect would it have here?  I found a case study in Dallas!!!!

Look at the Attic Temps!!!

It is a totally Green product that falls in line with Aggie values and what everyone should be thinking about when looking to the future!!

This would be a great opportunity for home owners to make their house more energy efficient and if you have your house listed, it would definitely be more appealing to buyers. I know my buyers would be definitely move faster on a house that is more energy efficient.

If you have any questions about this or any questions on the market here in Aggieland, feel free to contact me!


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Castlegate II opening in South College Station

When I am out there showing properties in Bryan/College Station, I hear tons of rumors and ideas about growth in our community.  Lately there have been many rumors about what is going on towards the back of Castlegate in south College Station.  Since I sell a lot of homes in south College Station as well as living there myself, I wanted to get the real scoop so I could be knowledgeable when my clients ask me about what is going on in  Castlegate.  I went straight to the horses’ mouths, and interviewed Wallace and Dusty Phillips of Castlegate Communities to find out more about the new development!



For more information about Castlegate and any home in Bryan/College Station, give me, Farrah Spears, a call at 979-229-0919.

Farrah Spears


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New Home Inspection Technology in Bryan/College Station

Today I learned something new concerning home inspections.  Clifton Cobbs of Sun Star Real Estate Inspections trained myself and some other Century 21, Beal agents about a new technology for home inspections using infared devices.  These infared inspections can detect areas where air is penetrating a home or leaking out of a home as well as water detection in walls, ceilings, or floors.  Watch the video to learn more and see a demonstration, or for more information on infared inspections, call Clifton at 832-594-0281


For this and all real estate tips, call me, Farrah Spears at 979-229-0919

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Record Mortgage Rate….WOW!!!

Do you want to miss out on a great opportunity to actually save money?  Mortgage Interest Rates are at a record low and refinancing your home could save you millions of pennies!!  Now is a GREAT time to buy a new home also!!  Buying Real Estate is the largest most expensive investment most people have in their lifetime.  Why are some buyers and borrowers on the fence?  The main reason is that buyers and borrowers don’t think they qualify.   Do you know if you qualify for a mortgage or for re-financing?  Here at Century 21 Beal, Inc. in College Station, Tx., also know as Aggieland, we have an in-house lender that is ready and willing to help any and all buyers and borrowers looking to re-finance!  Century 21 Mortgage has provided Bryan/College Station with a wonderful representative, Gwen Fay, to provide top notch service to all who apply for financing!  Don’t be left in the dark not knowing if you qualify for that new home or if you qualify for saving hundreds of $$$ every month from refinancing your current home.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to save money from refinancing or  by having the ability to get a higher priced house that fits within your budget from the lower interest rate!  We are ready for your calls and if you are in the area, just stop by Century 21 Beal, Inc. the #1 Real Estate company in Bryan and College Station at 404 University Dr. East in College Station, Tx. across from The Fox and Hound Sports Bar.  My name is Joey Condon and I am ready to help you find a new home, sell your existing home, or help your friends and family with any of their real estate needs.  Call me!  979-218-4091


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Home in Bryan needs new owner!




Map to the property – CLICK HERE!


There are a lot of reasons to buy a home in Bryan, Tx.  I have a great reason, this house!!!

4207 Woody Ln, Bryan, Tx. 77803



Call me to set up a time to go look on the inside and see what you are missing.






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Bryan, College Station – Property Virtual Tours

Please click the specific link below to view the property!

2431 Pintail, College Station, Tx.

Great location on bus route!

Great location on bus route!

E-Properties Website

Virtual Tour

2816 Horseback, College Station, Tx.

Lots of upgrades!

Lots of upgrades!



Virtual Tour

4505 Carter Creek, Bryan, Tx.

Great condo location!

Great condo location!

YouTube Video


Virtual Tour


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2010 Brazos County Property Taxes Update

What are the 2010 Property taxes for Brazos County?

property taxesI bet you can’t read the graphic due to size but click on the link above and you will see the 2010 Adopted Tax Rates. You can always contact the Brazos County Appraisal District at 1673 Briarcrest Dr., Suite A-101 in Bryan at 979-774-4100 for more information. Mark W. Price is the Chief Appraiser.

Hope this helps in your planning for your real estate expenses. Let me know how I can help!

Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate


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